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About me

One of my favourite quotes is from the renowned golf professional John Jacobs who provided a simplistic philosophy to the game: “The sole purpose of the golf swing is to produce a correct and repetitive impact position. The method employed is of no significance aslong as it is repetitive”. I enjoy teaching all ages and abilities using my own tried and tested methods to help improve your games quickly. A simple swing is an efficient swing, creating consistent ball striking, accuracy and power. I like to teach individuals how to understand their swings by analysing their ball flights. I regard
this as the cornerstone to gain full control of your game. To develop the complete player I also like to explore the golfer’s psychology, course management and physical/nutritional knowledge. I like to work with my pupils, guiding them in the importance of a pre-shot routine, how to practise efficiently, play the golf course effectively and analyse their game constructively. This will help them to target key areas to improve on and, most importantly, teaches them to think and act like winners!

my teaching style

Putting & Chipping

I like to emphasise to my pupils the importance of the short game to help lower their scores. Over the years I have built up a vast knowledge in this area when working hard on my own game. I am sympathetic to all who struggle in this area and have some great ideas in conquering these highly skilled areas.

Driving & Long game

We have all heard the quote “Drive for show, putt for dough” but if a player wastes too many shots at the beginning of the hole the putting will become irrelevant! Hitting fairways from the tee can promote so much
confidence and momentum through the round. With a few simple pointers, I can have you looking forward to teeing off and working
your way down the hole more effectively.

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Sign up for weekly group lessons. I teach all aspects of the game. My lessons are designed to encourage my pupils onto the golf course.

get onto the course

Book now for playing lessons on the golf course. These lessons are structured to promote my pupils’ game to membership standard.  

get into the club

Once my pupils are at membership standard, the lessons become more intensive, with the aim to get to competition level. 

get competitive

At competition level, the tuition becomes more tailored to the pupil, with the goal to reduce my pupils’ handicaps and turn them into winners! 

lesson Rates

individual lesson Rates

1 x half hour lesson = £35

1 x hour lesson = £65

7 x half hour lessons = £210 

4 x hour lessons = £240

individual playing lesson Rates

Non member – 9 holes (2 hours) = £150

Non member – 18 holes (4 hours) = £250

Member – 9 holes (2 hours) = £130

Member – 18 holes (4 hours) = £230

group lesson Rates

1 hour group lesson (minimum of 5) = £15pp 

2 hour group playing lesson (minimum of 4) = £50pp 

4 hour group playing lesson (minimum of 4) = £80pp

individual Membership lesson rates

 Annual lesson membership = £1200 including 4 x 1 hour lessons a month or the equivalent time as a playing lesson.

Monthly lesson membership = £100 per month (minimum of 4 months) including 2 x 1 hour lessons a month or the equivalent time as playing lesson. 

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