how to get into golf


adult pathway into golf

Golf is a sociable and fun way to improve health and longevity. This course has been designed to encourage people to welcome a new hobby into their lives and to entice previous golfers back to the game.

This sport is a relaxing and enjoyable pastime that can kick-start a healthy regime. It is widely acknowledged that a technically sound golf swing improves strength and flexibility, with the potential of burning up to and even in excess of a thousand calories in a round.  

It is a game for all ages, bringing generations together to play and compete in a tranquil and safe environment. Most importantly, it provides a great opportunity to meet new people, with the potential of networking and forging long-lasting relationships.

adult group lessons

Pupils will be taught all skills of the game from Putting through to driving. These lessons are designed to prepare you for the golf course. Lessons can be tailored to clients’ specific needs. All equipment will be supplied.

Minimum of 5 maximum of 12 pupils per lesson.

1 hour lesson = £15pp

adult group playing lessons

These lessons will be on the golf course. Pupils will be taught how to play golf, how to think like a golfer and the rules of the game.

4 pupils per lesson.

1 hour lesson = £35pp

2 hour lesson = £50pp

4 hour lesson = £80pp 

adult indiviual rates

1 x half lesson = £35

7 x half hour lessons = £210

1 x hour lesson = £65

4 x hour lessons = £240