Phillip Thorne

Having tried a number of coaches, I found Gareth to be the only one who best focused on me and the little changes I needed to embed to improve my game. No talk of adding distance, just working on eliminating the bad shots and when they do happen, minimise the damage. Gareth just calmly talks to me, 2 or 3 words, but enough to repeat a good shot or to re-focus on a key change. I would recommend Gareth to anyone who needs to better their golf game, and be able to take a lesson learning out on to the course.


Gill Heath

I started lessons a couple of years ago as an absolute beginner and have always found him a brilliant coach. He is patient and positive and I can honestly say my game has improved so much with his instruction. I now feel confident enough in my ability to go out and play against seasoned handicap golfers.


Roger Linch

We’ve all heard the words “Game Changer move” well this lesson with Gareth was a “Game Changer “ for me.
Usually high Nineties, but I went and played the following day with friends. Shot 85 on a Par 71 course! I had to double check my score!!

So it meant that the lesson was a big help. I was surprised at how easy it was to transfer the knowledge learnt onto the course. We all know this is not easily done, but the simplicity of the move taught made this transformation possible.

A happy golfer